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Mac Screenshot UX


This post is coming as a practice to solve simple UX problems in daily life.

I’ve been working on Mac for quite some time and have faced this issue on almost every single day during work hours. The reason i say during work hours is because, most of the times the system is kept muted in order to avoid disturbance/distraction to the people in our office. I could use headphones but no, that’s not the point i’m trying to make here.

Screenshot in Mac (Cmd + Shift + 3 or Cmd + Shift + 4) is a very useful feature so here’s the concern.

I take a screenshot with my VOLUME UP and i get a audio feedback which tells me that the screenshot has been taken. Good.

Now, the same when i MUTE my mac, has no feedback whatsoever. We could have a visual feedback letting the users know that the screenshot has been taken.

A little nudge on the screen or something similar to what Smartphones these days do when a screenshot is taken. A subtle change.





Your feedback is much appreciated.

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