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Broken Links – UX

Recently, at my workplace, my colleague was asked to design a screen for all the broken links, being redirected from external source. It got me thinking as to how the problem can be solved.

Should there be a Call-to-action to redirect them to their last visited page or report it to the Support team. There could be a lot of possibilities so i headed to other Apps to check what they were doing and i realized what not to do when a user visits a broken link. ūüėõ

Let’s take a look at some of the Apps –

Gmail : 

So, Gmail reloads the page and displays a toast message stating that “The conversation you requested no longer exists” which gives a closure to the user

prompting him to search for the desired mail or contact the concerned person through the source.



Asana : 

I’ve been using Asana for a week now and it has been great so far. When i wanted to check for Broken Links, it caught me by surprise as the page kept loading and unless i pressed the back button i didn’t have a solid answer, redirect to the recently visited page sounds nice now :).



Invision : 

Invision handles broken links a little less beautifully. It show me a pop-up which tell me that it can’t load my project and that i refresh the browser. What it could’ve done was show a notification/toast message and take me directly to the list of prototypes i have. Currently. i have to follow 2-steps to get back to where i was, which is avoidable.



Optimizely : 

Optimizely, like Invision show me a pop-up with a a message “Access was denied to this source.¬†If this error persists, please let us know at our support page.¬†Our engineering team has been notified.¬†6eadefdc-0594-4143-82db-f331736a4415 | 2016-08-06T10:34:39.232Z¬†”

You see what they did there, they made sure that the user was notified of the broken link and also gave them options to solve if it persisted. It also helps users psychologically, when they are told that someone responsible for this has been notified. Too good.




You do not want to simply redirect the user to the recent page or dashboard. Agreed, that’s the best way to follow up but a notification along with that similar to what gmail, optimizely or invision did above would a huge relief for the user, for him to think otherwise.

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